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Friday, April 22, 2011

Virtual Makeover

What is the Avon Virtual Makeover?
The Avon Virtual Makeover (VMO) is a web application built into the US Online store (www.avon.com) that allows you to “try-on” select Avon and mark makeup products using your photograph or a model image.

How Does it Work?
The virtual makeover allows you to experience Avon makeup in an exciting way at any time, providing results you would normally achieve only when trying on a product in person. The virtual makeover uses the latest facial recognition and color rendering technology to help you to discover the right products and shades for you. You get to see how the products look in real time, while virtual makeover itemizes the products that make the look, creates a shopping list and even sends products directly to your shopping cart for you!

With Avon Virtual Makeover you can:
· Use your own photo or select from a variety of model images.
· Try makeup for face, eyes and lips.
· Try the latest makeup looks instantly.
· Even try new hairstyles and colors!

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